Strategic Designer; Service Designer; Design researcher
Hi there, I am Mette

I am strategic designer with an endless curiosity about people’s lives. I want to find out how people experience the world; what moves them today and what will drive them tomorrow?

What excites me as a designer is to facilitate connections between companies and their customers.  This means, researching people’s needs, translating them in such a way that it allows companies to better connect with their customers and helping companies to design the right solutions.

I want to use my skills to help companies design for a better world. To find out more, take a look at my work.

Some of the projects I loved working on

Bringing awareness to the dangers of heat waves for the Red Cross

In the summer time, heat waves cause of a lot of deaths. The Red Cross asked us to help them in bringing awareness to preventive measures that can be taken to prevent deaths among vulnerable groups. Through desk research we identified the most vulnerable group and their challenges. Based on this a first concept was created. A collaborative session with a group of elderly gave us the chance to verify our assumptions and get a peek into their world. By mapping out and understanding all of the stakeholders involved, we identified the best way to effectively reach them in their daily life. Click read more to find out more about the final concept: Kameleo.

Seven generations - A social startup concept

If you were to start a social venture surrounding the topic of sustainability, what would it look like? For this project we spent one semester figuring this out. The biggest challenge was that all of this was done in the middle of a lockdown due to the pandemic. Using our creative skills we were able to bring traditional generative design research techniques online. By doing so we got to both create and validate our concept for a social venture: Seven Generations.