Supporting the start of being a plant parent

Project Info

Date : February 2021 – July 2021

Duration : 100 working days

Team : Solo project

Used techniques : Explorative interviews, context mapping study, digital prototyping, concept validation, future visioning, design road mapping, service blueprint, business model canvas, launch strategy

In the summer time, heat waves are a the cause of a lot of deaths. The Red Cross asked us to help them in bringing awareness to preventive measures that can be taken to prevent deaths among vulnerable groups. Through desk research we identified the most vulnerable group and their challenges. Based on this a first concept was created. A collaborative session with a group of elderly gave us the chance to verify our assumptions and get a peek into their world. By mapping out and understanding all of the stakeholders involved, we identified the best way to effectively reach them in their daily life. 

The problem

When we look at all of the benefits of having houseplants around us, it is not hard to see why they have been around for ages already. However, over the past years they have seen a huge surge in popularity. The pandemic has been a big accelerator to this surge in popularity. 

This surge in popularity has given Overgrown the opportunity to grow and thrive, but it also came with a set of challenges. The quickly changing market brought on a lot of new small plant shops, making competition fierce. In addition to this, rare plants became a lot more difficult to source in an ethical way. Also, looking at the ups and downs of houseplant popularity throughout the ages, this hype is going to come down again.

Because of these challenges, Overgrown wants to develop a new product, service or product-service system to expand into a new niche. As a young company Overgrown has little to no knowledge or experience about the market outside of the rare houseplant niche. This lead to the following design assignment:

“Get a deep understanding of the market and it’s consumers. Use this to drive a new strategic future vision which is visualized in a roadmap and create a first product or product-service system towards realizing this future vision “

The approach

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Findings from the orienting interviews summarized in the journey of a plant parent

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