Bringing awareness to the dangers of heat waves

Project Info

Date : 2019

Duration : 6 weeks

Team : 4 Strategic Designers

Used techniques : Desk research, generative session, 

In the summer time, heat waves are a the cause of a lot of deaths. The Red Cross asked us to help them in bringing awareness to preventive measures that can be taken to prevent deaths among vulnerable groups. Through desk research we identified the most vulnerable group and their challenges. Based on this a first concept was created. A collaborative session with a group of elderly gave us the chance to verify our assumptions and get a peek into their world. By mapping out and understanding all of the stakeholders involved, we identified the best way to effectively reach them in their daily life. 

My role within the group

During this project I got to ensure that we, as a group of designers, were the connector between the Red Cross and the vulnerable group of elderly the Red Cross wanted to connect with. I set up and created the materials and research design for the session we conducted with a group of elderly. I played a big part in creating the visualisations and presentations that were used to translate out findings to our contact at the Red Cross.

Getting insight into the context

When in 2017 Hurricane Irma hit Sint Maarten, the Red Cross raised €19.9 million. However, when it comes to heatwaves that are estimated to take 400 lives per week when they are in effect, the Red Cross is struggling to raise the funds needed to bring awareness. So, what is the difference you might ask? We found that the main difference is that one natural disaster is very visible and the other is a silent and almost invisible killer.  

So, how might we bring awareness amongst the elderly (the most vulnerable group) to the dangers that heatwaves bring?

Insights from our desk research summarized.

Co-creating with elderly

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Getting familiar with the workshop topic

Identifying useful stakeholders

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A map of all of the stakeholders involved

The final product: Kameleo

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